Books on my Wish List - updated 27th March 2016

 Everyman’s History of the Prayer Book, by Percy Dearmer. (Available free online.)

30th June 2013 - Seeking Silence in a Noisy World

Love the cover, love the contents. It's by Adam Ford, and published by Leaping Hare Press. I've nearly bought it a few times when I've seen it in various bookshops. This time it was in the gift shop at Wakehurst Place. I've blogged it here:

 Walking the Block - Jane Weir

Saw this in the Pallant House Gallery bookshop in Chichester. One side of each spread is a sample block print for textile design, the other a reflective poem about the design and the processes involved in textile printing and design. Loved the couple of poems that I skimmed when I was there; encourages you to take the time to look at the designs properly. 

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