Friday, 5 January 2018

Friday 5th January 2018 - 12th Night

We'll be finishing off clearing the Christmas Decorations this weekend.
Once the house is back back to normal it will feel like the real start to the year.

No, wait, the year 'began' yesterday, on the 4th, when term started.

No, hang on, isn't 1st January the date? Or was it the 1st Sunday in Advent, at the beginning of December? That's when the church year begins.

Or the start of the school year, last September?

Or way back in April, at the start of a new tax year? Tax Year!!!!! Aaargh!!!!

I have been wrestling with Phase 1 of doing my tax return; the Gathering Together of All The Paperwork. The deadline of 31st January is ominously close.

The stuff I earn through PAYE is easy to deal with - round up the P60s and there you are. It's the self-employed teaching that drives me loopy.

I would have got on a lot better if it wasn't for the fact that I organise the figures in school years, eg for the last school year I divide them into Autumn Term 2016, Spring Term 2017, and Summer Term 2017. But the tax year cuts across everything, so for my 2016-17 tax return I have to select the figures for Summer 2016, Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017. I knew I had all the numbers, but in two notebooks (one for each school year) and in various folders on the computer. It was just all a bit brain-bending.

Anyway, three hours later and my papers are in neat piles and the necessary figures are all noted in the current notebook, ready for Phase 2; Do The Tax Return, once I have regained my strength.

Meanwhile... I'll take a break... cup of tea, biscuit, unexpected piano pupil (must remember to add that to this term's records....

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Sunday December 31st - Promises, promises...

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This year's resolutions might not have gone as well as in previous years -

I do have an entry for every page in my journal, although there were a couple of sticky patches when I found my self trying to write up a whole week in one go. That's what I call a memory test.

I did eat chocolate every week. At least, I didn't keep a record, but I can't imagine a week without chocolate, so it must have happened.

It's the "two bags of stuff to the charity shop every month" resolution that I'm not sure of. A plastic tub sat in the hall collection stuff for months, before I finally managed to get round to dumping donating it all to a randomcharity shop. So I might have managed it, but probably not.

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Still, they are good, workable resolutions, so I will stick with them for another year. saves me cudgelling my brain to come up with something different. 

I'll retrieve the tub from the shed, where all the extraneous clobber has ended up over Christmas/NewYear, and make a start on filling tomorrow. Or the next day. Sometime soon.

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Sunday December 31st - Diaries

You may have been wondering why I haven't posted for a week? Or maybe you haven't noticed!

The clue is in the name of the blog; "A letter from home". Well, they've been staying here from Christmas Eve until New Year's Day, so there wasn't much point in writing "letters" to them...

My new diary arrived today - Sunday! Just in time for tomorrow. I waited to order it in case anyone had given me a diary for Christmas - a risky undertaking, because I am very specific, except in the matter of colour.  And here it is;

This year's colour!

It will seem weird, starting all over again in an empty book. I think this will be the fifth year....

Well, Happy New Year, everyone, and best wishes for 2018